What Is A Style Guide & Why Do You Need It?

If you’ve paid attention to the brands around you and their designs, you would’ve noticed that they are always instantly recognizable. It doesn’t matter if the design is on a social media post, a hoarding, product packaging or any other medium – you’ll be able to identify the brand anywhere even if their name isn’t explicitly mentioned.

Think about Nokia’s connecting hands or Zomato’s witty ads – these are all instantly recognizable by you. The reason is that successful brands follow a style guide which allows them to create uniformity of appearance in their branding.

What Is A Style Guide?

A style guide is a set of guidelines related to font, colour, artwork elements, placements of logo and other elements so that any and all branding exercise is uniform in appearance and audience is able to connect it to the brand instantly.

Style guide is a tool that controls the formatting and visual presentation of all company communications, including the treatment of logos and typography.

Important Of A Style Guide

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, or whether you deal in B2B or B2C or whether you sell a product or a service – a style guide is a must have for all businesses who hope to make it big and stand tall from their competitors.

A style guide is necessary to keep a consistent brand identity so that your audience is able to recognize you and connect with your brand instantly and anywhere.
Having a style guide also ensures smoother coordination among the various people working on your marketing materials since they all have to follow the same guidelines, which means you won’t have to keep explaining and revising the work done by the creative agencies.

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