Logo Design

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Your logo represents your Business to the world. At Culmen Creative Concepts we know how to create a logo that captures the public’s attention. Let’s get you a logo worthy of your brand!

How It Works:

  • Place Your Order & Make the Payment
  • Fill out our questionnaire to help us know your business
  • The number of concepts will be based on your package. Initial concepts will be sent out within 3 working days.
  • Provide your feedback
  • Revisions within 24 hours
  • Give the Final Nod
  • Final files provided in Adobe Illustrator ready for printing jpg; gif for web use

100% satisfaction guaranteed!




  • 3 logo design options to choose from. Unlimited revisions.
  • Creative team of ace designers
  • 100% original designs!

How it Works:

Online Payment

Having found a design service/package that meets your requirements, you can get the project started by making an online payment. As soon as the payment is transferred, we will contact you to begin the design selection process. For special customised quotes, please contact us.

Fill Out a Questionnaire

You will receive a questionnaire that will allow us to know what your brand stands for. With this insight into your business, we can design an image for you that’s visually pleasing and aligned with your company’s core values.
Date of Delivery

After you fill out the questionnaire, our project manager will contact you, answer all your questions and head the team of graphic designers on your behalf. You will receive your initial concepts within 3 working days.

You will receive several different design concepts based on your package. From these, you can let your manager know which you prefer and why.


After deciding on the concept, you will receive four to seven versions of the original within one working day. These revisions are based on your feedback and can be modified. Your satisfaction is our priority and to ensure that we deliver what you want, we provide unlimited revisions, within reason.

Final Files

Once you have selected your final design, you’ll receive all the files and will be the sole owner of the copyright for your design. We also provide services for helping you trademark your designs.