About The Urban Dhaba

The Urban Dhaba is a concept restaurant based in Lucknow, India. The theme of the restaurant, as the name suggests, is dhabas or roadside eateries on highways frequented mostly by truck drivers.

They wanted to use the theme of rural dhabas and adapt it to urban mindset while keeping true to the core idea that dhabas represent – people getting together to eat delicious food and have a good time on their break from gruelling work/life.

The peppy colour schemes, the colourful graphics and their jazzy interiors were all conceptualized by Culmen Creative Concept, i.e., us. The branding is an homage to the truck illustrations that are commonly seen on Indian highways. We also aligned their marketing communications to match the feel of the restaurant’s theme – using ‘Hinglish’, a mix of Hindi and English as well as the jazzy colours and vectors in the design.