One of the most important elements that has a direct effect on a consumer paying attention to your product in the market-place is the packaging of the product. Often, entrepreneurs focus on almost all aspects except packaging.

A great packaging will be:

  • Attention Grabbing
  • Appropriate for the Product
  • In line with Brand Identity
  • Stand out in the Market

At Culmen, we undertake extensive research to ensure that your product gets a package designed that is not just attention grabbing, but also provides necessary information to your customer.

It is important that the design increases brand awareness and brand recall which in turn leads to increase in sales. And at Culmen, this is exactly what we do.

Get in touch to know more about how to get started on package designing for your product.

Absolutely ! It doesn’t matter what your product is, we can help you have a great and attractive packaging design at affordable prices.

Yes, our Packaging designs will contain any and all text and copy that you want on it so that you are able to provide all the information required by your customers.

The text to be used has will provided by the client. If the client wants us to provide the text, it will be treated as a chargeable service.

The number of design options depend upon the package you choose. We will provide unlimited revisions for your design options and help you decide the best one.

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